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100 Best Things to do in Belgium



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More Food


Always maintain vowel length. If a vowel sounds long, make sure it keeps sounding long (for instance, schaap becomes schapen). If a vowel sounds short, keep it short for instance, kat becomes katten).
Hard consonants become soft consonants. If the noun normally ends in an 's' or an 'f' (hard consonants), the plural replaces these with a 'z' or a 'v' respectively. For instance, muis becomes muizen.
If the noun ends with a single vowel, you cannot just add the -s. Instead, you first add an apostrophe, and then add the -s. For instance, menu becomes menu's.
There is an exception to the above rule: words ending with an -e. Those never get the apostrophe.
Het slimme meisje weet overal een antwoord op .
dat is nergens goed voor / that is not good for anything
Hebben jullie dit nog ergens voor nodig Do you still need this for anything
Hij is ergens op aan het wachten he is waiting on something
Dit eten smaakt nergens naar
het kind wil overal naar kijken
ben je ergens bezorgd over
Ik wil overal een stukje van
Ik ben nergens bang voor
soms denk ik nergens aan
we hebben hem net in the supermarkt gezien
Ik heb daar gestaan
Ze speelt graag nadat ze gewerkt heeft
Nadat ik naar bed gegaan ben , slaap ik
waar ben je geweest
Ik ben naar bed gegaan
Die man heeft in dit water gezwommen.
Mijn tante heeft mij klompen gebracht .
Ik ben vorig jaar in Engeland geweest
ze heeft overal aan gedacht
Ik ben op het station aangekomen
Ik heb daar nog nooit over nagedacht (daarover)
we hebben vorige week een echte neushoorn gezien / we saw
wie heeft het aan hem gegeven
het hele gebied is een woestijn geworden
-- More Food
de meisjes gaan van deur tot deur om koekjes te verkopen
we doen slagroom op on fruit
De jongen ziet het warme gebak
het koekje zit vol met chocolade
is dit zoet of hartig
vanavond eten we een hartige taart (savory)
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Belgian's Most Wanted

These 20 fugitives were sentenced in Belgium and are wanted by the Belgian police. They are only convicted fugitives, not suspects on the run who are under criminal investigation.
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Op Afspraak en Ann Huis

Openingsuren Maandag 09:00 - 17:00 Zondag 09:00 - 17:00

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Walk 10000 steps Withings Pulse Facebook Group


Do you use a Withings Pulse ?

Are you trying to walk 10,000 steps a day and you've heard that it will be easier if you use a Pedometer.

Come join our Facebook Group:

For those trying to do the same thing as you!

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Say NO to Canon Products.

CANON S110 Cracked LCD, Canon refuses to replace camera !

Follow this group on Facebook:

You're welcome to join and share your experience.

This is a post I'm publishing on all blogs, social networks, camera forums worldwide and anyone that will listen and to all my friends who are photographers.

After reading articles about the best pocket camera, from Ken Rockwell, Ron Martinsen and others. I purchased a Canon S110 on a Saturday morning at PCH, rue du Midi, 154 Bruxelles. By Monday the LCD looked funny, upon closer inspection I found a crack right along the LCD on the inside of the LCD, the outside was not cracked. I took the S110 directly directly back to the shop that sold it to me ( who sent the camera back to Canon Belgium. The staff at the shop said it would be replaced as it was brand new and showed no sign of misuse and so the problem must be a manufacture issue.

After two weeks Canon replied, refusing to replace the S110 stating that it must have been dropped. The camera was with me at all times as I purchased it to avoid taking my dSLRs with me all the time. It was never out of my sight, it had not been dropped or mistreated. But, Canon refused to replace the camera. They are asking €175 to replace it or I fork out €57 to get the broken camera back

Ken Rockwell says I should never buy retail and that you should buy online that way you can always send faulty equpment and getting a replacement. He also says the dealer should have given me a new camera in return without discussion.

I will NEVER again buy Canon, I wanted you and your readers to know about Canon. This is not the first I've read something like this from Canon but always thought it would never happen to me.

Two questions. Is Ken right about NOT buying retail ? and 2 could the shop I purchaged the camera from have given me a new camera and taken back the broken one ?

Thanks in advance and thanks for spreading the word.

Nestor I think Alex did all he could, I'm bitter about 3 things, 1) that the camera broke 2) that PCH did not replace it and 3) that Canon are refusing to replace it. The best I can do is to let the world know!

Thanks in advance and thanks for spreading the word.
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Facebook Phishing attempt, don't get fooled

Facebook Phishing attempt, don't get fooled.

This morning I received a mail appearing to come from Facebook, the subject says "You have a new message from Support", please look at attachment below but the mail says it comes from support and that my profile information is missing.

How can you tell this is not genuine and that it is a phishing scam.

1) Look at the from line and notice Support <>, it is very unlikely that Facebook email addresses would not come from a facebook email address, billrocks also smells bad

2) The email address that this was sent to is genuine but it is not an email address that Facebook knows about, I expect a mail from Facebook to be sent to one of my registered Facebook email addresses

3) Upon inspection of the email by looking at the raw source I found that the 4 links in this email all post to the same URL:
It is not that the following hyperlinks point to the above:
"If you don't want to receive these emails from Facebook in the future, please click:",
You have a new message from,
Your profile is missing required information.,
View Notifications,

And especially the "Go to Facebook" link ;-)

You can go further and head over to and check the email address, hostname and IP addresses to see where they come from, the mail comes from a data center in Michigan and nothing to do with Facebook at all.

Don't be fooled. BE CAREFUL before cliking on a link in your emails.
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BMW R1200GS Filling up Fuel Tank woes

If you have an R1200GS you're probably quite annoyed at the time it takes to fill it up and you know you never get a really full tank.

If you read this article:

You'll find you can change that in ten seconds. I have tried this and it works, stick your finger in the hole and take out  that beasty litlle rubber neck..

It makes quite a difference.

NOTE: There is a second modification there that you may be interested in doing but I find that just removing the rubber neck made a hell of a difference.

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Faïencerie Bequet de Quaregnon sur Facebook












Venez voir la page Facebook de la Faïencerie Bequet de Quaregnon, Belgique.

Come see the Facebook page  of the Bequet Faïencerie from Quaregnon , Belgium. 

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A little bit of paradise in Crete

Sissi is a beautiful village with a wonderful little port on the island of Crete about 40 Km east of Heraklion, right in the heart of Sissi is Porto Sisi Hotel Apartments. 

Porto Sisi Hotel Apartments is a small complex of 15 or so, 40 sq.m. apartments, just on the sea shore. The apartments are well equiped and decorated with taste, with a mini kitchens, fridge, percolator, sink, hot plates and more (Check the website, link below). Air-conditioning is free, only in the bedroom but very effective. The apartment we were in has a beautiful view of the sea and a great little balcony where we had breakfast and enjoyed the view and the sound of the waves coming to shore.  Our apartment could sleep 5. The apartments are serviced 3 times a week, there is free Internet access but you'll need a laptop as there is no Wi/Fi (as of writing, October 2012), I hear some apartments above reception have Wi/Fi access. There is a swimming pool on the sea that we didn't get around to try out but it looks GREAT.
The apartments are close to the restaurants, pubs (an Irish a few doors away), the sea, a mini golf and there is a little inexpensive super market across the road with everything you will need. Being close to everything does not mean you're in a noisy environment, the apartments are very quiet and depending on how the wind blows, when the double glazed balcony doors and windows are open you only faintly hear the activities in the port and from the surrounding establishments. We went out one afternoon to find that the roads were in the process of being re-tarred and we hadn't heard a thing. There were some mozzies in the evenings but you can get mozzie repellants across the road at the super market. 
Beautiful Sissi; and Porto Sisi Hotel Apartments make a fantastic combination for a quiet, relaxing, very enjoyable, affordable and memorable holiday in Crete! However, what will set your holiday apart here is the charming lady who runs the establishment. Anthi will help you with all your questions, requests, reservations and the best places to eat, drink and visit, don't be afraid to ask.  When we arrived at the Heraklion airport we were welcomed by a man holding up a sign with my name on it, he helped with our baggage and walked us to the car that had been reserved by Anthi. Finally, a little bit like a waiter who will come to see if you're enjoying your meal, Anthi will ask when you pass by if you're enjoying your stay, when you answer that everything is perfect, you can tell by her smile that she has done everything she possibly could to make it so.
A GREAT holiday, thanks Anthi, highly recommended. I have no hesitation giving 5 stars on TripAdvisor which is something I rarely do. 
You can read all about the apartments on the web site and visit on Facebook at