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Wednesday, April 14 2021 @ 04:30 AM CEST

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vim :help quickref

I didn't know this, cool.

:help quickref


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Debian etch to lenny upgrade

I've just upgraded Debian etch to lenny and so far only had a few issues.

  • There were two root users in mysql, one without password, I removed the one with no password
  • updatedb and locate no longer exist on system even if findutils exists, you need to install package mlocate
  • php can no longer access mysql - Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_connect(), you need to install php5-mysql which upgrades you to php5

OUTSTANDING ISSUES (I have not had time to fix)

  • ejabber: pyMSNt no longer working
  • Anything I've missed ?
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Say cheese with Cheese on Ubuntu


It took me a couple of seconds to work out why you would call video and picture taking software "Cheese" but I had a good laugh when my Euro finally fell ;-)

From the project web page:

Cheese uses your webcam to take photos and videos, applies fancy special effects and lets you share the fun with others. It was written as part of Google's 2007 Summer of Code lead by daniel g. siegel and mentored by Raphaël Slinckx. Under the hood, Cheese uses GStreamer to apply fancy effects to photos and videos. With Cheese it is easy to take photos of you, your friends, pets or whatever you want and share them with others. After a success of the Summer of Code, the development continued and we still are looking for people with nice ideas and patches ;)

Cheese is a program for the GNOME Desktop which allows you to take photos, videos, and anything else you can think of with your webcam. Just start it up and shoot! Gather all of your friends around, have some fun! When you're done, share your photos and videos with 'em!

I've had a good play with it and I think it works very well. It worked first time, just an apt-get install cheese and it worked.

The effects are a little different to what you get on Mac OS X or Windows 7, they're as useless and as much fun ;-) I liked the full screen mode.

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The Geek Stuff - Can You Top This? 15 Practical Linux Top Command Examples



Thanks to Denis for the tip on top ;-)

This article on top 15 Practicle Linux Top Examples has a few options that I didn't know about and perhaps you as well!

Note that not all of these work on all UNIX system for example Mac OS X will be slightly different!

This article is part of the on-going 15 example series where 15 examples will be provided for a specific command or functionality. In this series, earlier we discussed about find command, crontab examples, grep command, history command, ping command, and wget examples.

In this article, let us review 15 examples for Linux top command that will be helpful for both newbies and experts.

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Best of Unix / Gnu Cheat Sheets Quick References


Thanks to Denis for this one!

Best of Linux Cheat Sheets

Links to Unix Quick Reference and Cheatsheets

I like to see the links all on one page and particularly like the tcpdump, wireshark and Netcat sheets.

Perl is missing, but I'll rectify that!

And Regular Expressions:

In the mean time, there's quite a few to read here!

What else is missing ?

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Why Linux X Windows Suck!

Unix GNU/LinuxI have always hated X Windows, IMHO it has always sucked and judging from the state of it today I guess this won't change.

I use Mac OS X as my workstation of choice and Linux as my server of choice and absolutely loathe Windows but X Sucks, before Mac OS X I used an Atari STE for GUI applications!

I just installed Portable Ubuntu and I load up gvim, I get:

[pubuntu 10:48 /home/pubuntu] gvim
Xlib: extension "Generic Event Extension" missing on display "".
Xlib: extension "Generic Event Extension" missing on display "".

Then I run less on my Dutch Dictionary and I get this:

aanbeveling (v -en) recommendation; ook: = aanbevelingsbrief, aanbevelingslijst;
<B7>kennis van Frans strekt tot aanbeveling knowledge of French (will be) an advantage;
<B7>het verdient aanbeveling it is to be recommended, it is advisable;
<B7>op aanbeveling van... on the recommendation of...

Why are these characters not displayed ? And why are they displayed correctly when viewed with vim ?

Does this suck or what ?

You don't get this kind of thing with Mac OS X... Or probably Windows for this matter!