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Wednesday, April 14 2021 @ 03:25 AM CEST

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Salmon Pasta, tomato based!

One of our favourite recipes!


2 red onions
Cloves of garlic, as much as you can handle
Small can of tomato paste
Corn Flour
Can of Salmon
Smoked Salmon
Tagliatelle or Spaghetti


Doing it:

Fry onions until they are transparent, don't over cook them
Add your finely chopped garlic and your can of salmon mashed
with a fork. Add your tomato concentrate

Follow the pictures here with the recipe and you'll get a better idea:

Mix together and let cook for 3 or 4 minutesDon't overcook or burn or let anything stick
Add some milk and corn flour How much milk and corn flour depends on how much
onion and salmon 
You're trying to make a sauce which is not runny but not hard either, you'll get the feel for it.
You can add cayenne or red pepper or even black pepper if you want it a bit spicy

Don't over do it because it is not intended to be very spicy otherwise you'll lose the
taste of the rest.
Taste and add salt to your liking.
Cook your tagliatelle or spaghetti
Add sauce and spread smoked salmon.

NOTE: It's not saghetti sauce so you don't have to make a huge amount of sauce.

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Dukan Diet Site in English

If you've wanted to follow The Dukan Diet by Dr. Pierre Dukan and you have but your French is not the best and the current resource in English was not enough to get you going, well this could all change soon.

The Dukan Diet has a site in English

And a book in English is coming - The Dukan Diet by Dr Pierre Dukan, The diet that has taken Europe by storm

Good luck!!!!

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Kangaroo Meat is Healthy

Here is something I didn't know! Kangaroo meat is healthy. Australians probably do not like to eat their national emblem or even Skippy but here in Belgium where Kangaroo meat is available in the local supermarkets, it is worth trying to replace some of your red meat consumption by kangaroo meat!

Actually I had never tasted kangaroo mean when I lived in Australia but here we do eat it from time to time.

What struck me is that kangaroo meat contains Omega-3's which I thought was only found in fish.


Kangaroo meat is extremely healthy, fat levels are typically 1 - 2% and it is totally free of antibiotics and other chemicals common in meat from domestic animals.

It's the ultimate free range meat, organic and produces no methane gas. This leanness makes Kangaroo meat very healthy but also means that the meat must be cooked with care to avoid overcooking. has all the details and comparisons with other lean meats. a story from the UK.
Some percentage of fat comparisons from
And kangaroo meat contains 5 times more CLA than lamb from

And for those of you who enjoy a stone grill cooked meal from time to time, kangaroo meat is excellent. Otherwise take heed, This leanness makes Kangaroo meat very healthy but also means that the meat must be cooked with care to avoid overcooking.

Cooking Tips

The low fat content makes this meat excellent for the Dukan diet which we're following!

Yum Yum!!


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Videos Pierre Dukan

If you're following Dr. Dukan's Diet I have found these videos (in French)

If you understand French and you want to see and hear Dr. Dukan answer questions and give hints about his diet, check out this Dailymotion link!

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"Quel est le régime qu'il vous faut?"

This is the second episode of "Quel est le régime qu'il vous faut?" from France 2 Toute Une Histoire.

An interesting look into 4 different diets, 3 of which I've followed in the past and know very well.

4 people desperately needing to lose weight are followed by 4 nutritionists 3 of which are well known to me!

Continuing in French!

France 2


Episode 2 Jeudi 17 décembre dans Toute Une Histoire, à 13h55 su France 2, retrouvez Nathalie, Geneviève, Yazid et Mireille dans leur lutte contre les kilos ! Chacun de nos invités a été pris en main par un grand spécialiste : le Dr Pierre Dukan et Alain Delabos, nutritionnistes, Jérôme Blum, coach sportif, et Sybille Montignac, diététicienne. Après un mois d'efforts, où en sont-ils ? La réponse très bientôt dans l'épisode 2 de notre série spéciale "Quel est le régime qu'il vous faut?".

France 2 First show