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Wednesday, April 14 2021 @ 03:10 AM CEST

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100 Best Things to do in Belgium


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BMW R1200GS Filling up Fuel Tank woes

If you have an R1200GS you're probably quite annoyed at the time it takes to fill it up and you know you never get a really full tank.

If you read this article:

You'll find you can change that in ten seconds. I have tried this and it works, stick your finger in the hole and take out  that beasty litlle rubber neck..

It makes quite a difference.

NOTE: There is a second modification there that you may be interested in doing but I find that just removing the rubber neck made a hell of a difference.

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A little bit of paradise in Crete

Sissi is a beautiful village with a wonderful little port on the island of Crete about 40 Km east of Heraklion, right in the heart of Sissi is Porto Sisi Hotel Apartments. 

Porto Sisi Hotel Apartments is a small complex of 15 or so, 40 sq.m. apartments, just on the sea shore. The apartments are well equiped and decorated with taste, with a mini kitchens, fridge, percolator, sink, hot plates and more (Check the website, link below). Air-conditioning is free, only in the bedroom but very effective. The apartment we were in has a beautiful view of the sea and a great little balcony where we had breakfast and enjoyed the view and the sound of the waves coming to shore.  Our apartment could sleep 5. The apartments are serviced 3 times a week, there is free Internet access but you'll need a laptop as there is no Wi/Fi (as of writing, October 2012), I hear some apartments above reception have Wi/Fi access. There is a swimming pool on the sea that we didn't get around to try out but it looks GREAT.
The apartments are close to the restaurants, pubs (an Irish a few doors away), the sea, a mini golf and there is a little inexpensive super market across the road with everything you will need. Being close to everything does not mean you're in a noisy environment, the apartments are very quiet and depending on how the wind blows, when the double glazed balcony doors and windows are open you only faintly hear the activities in the port and from the surrounding establishments. We went out one afternoon to find that the roads were in the process of being re-tarred and we hadn't heard a thing. There were some mozzies in the evenings but you can get mozzie repellants across the road at the super market. 
Beautiful Sissi; and Porto Sisi Hotel Apartments make a fantastic combination for a quiet, relaxing, very enjoyable, affordable and memorable holiday in Crete! However, what will set your holiday apart here is the charming lady who runs the establishment. Anthi will help you with all your questions, requests, reservations and the best places to eat, drink and visit, don't be afraid to ask.  When we arrived at the Heraklion airport we were welcomed by a man holding up a sign with my name on it, he helped with our baggage and walked us to the car that had been reserved by Anthi. Finally, a little bit like a waiter who will come to see if you're enjoying your meal, Anthi will ask when you pass by if you're enjoying your stay, when you answer that everything is perfect, you can tell by her smile that she has done everything she possibly could to make it so.
A GREAT holiday, thanks Anthi, highly recommended. I have no hesitation giving 5 stars on TripAdvisor which is something I rarely do. 
You can read all about the apartments on the web site and visit on Facebook at
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Belgian Weather Forecast

I know I'm a weather fanatic, as a cyclist and motorcyclist I'm always concerned about the weather and the traffic situation and conditions.

One of my colleagues showed me this site last week:

This is of the most complete weather information sites I have ever seen!

The rain predictions are really good, the short term and long term weather forecasts are really something important if you are planning your day, weekend or holidays.

I particularly like the cloud satelite and the rain satelite.

You get much more than weather and Belgium is not the only area covered! A very useful site.

The rain map above actually comes from .

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Menton Here We come!

Thanks for Jilly for Menton Daily Photo , Menton one of my favourite cities in the whole world brought to me one picture at a time every day !

This photo really made me envious and is just what I needed because in two weeks I'll also be walking or riding my bike along the Promenade du Soleil thanks Jilly!

Menton Daily Photo

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Roadcraft from Aerostich

This is still my favourite suit, Roadcraft from Aerostich 

You can put it on in less than a minute, breathes, lots of pockets, highly recommended!

Two pictures, 2002 on the left, 2009 on the right!