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Airport Acronyms

Aiport Acronyms
Quite maison en taxi: samedi 20:00
Quite Bundaberg en avion: samedi 21:45 YBUD QF2319 QFA
Arrive Brisbane samedi 22:40 YBBN QF97
Quite Brisbane dimanche 02:00
Arrive Hong Kong dimanche 10:45
Quite Hong Kong dimanche 16:40 VHHH LH731 DLH HKG
Arrive Munich lundi 05:20
Quite Munich lundi 07:00 EDDM LH4600
Arrive Bruxelles lundi 08:25 EBBR

ADEP Aerodrome of departure
ADES Aerodrome of Destination

AFTN Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network

ARCID Aircraft Identification

ATOT Actual Take-Off Time

CTOT Calculated Take-Off Time

EET Estimated Elapsed Time

EOBDT Estimated Off Block Date and Time

ETE Estimated Time of Entry

ETOT Estimated Time of Take-Off

IFPL IFPS Internal Flight Plan

IOBT Initial estimated Off Block Time
REA Ready Message
RFI Ready For Improvement Message
RFL Requested Flight Level

RVR Runway Visual Range

STA Scheduled Time of Arrival

TIS Time to Insert the Sequence

TOT Take Off Time

TRS Task Requirement Sheet
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Why Linux X Windows Suck!

Unix GNU/LinuxI have always hated X Windows, IMHO it has always sucked and judging from the state of it today I guess this won't change.

I use Mac OS X as my workstation of choice and Linux as my server of choice and absolutely loathe Windows but X Sucks, before Mac OS X I used an Atari STE for GUI applications!

I just installed Portable Ubuntu and I load up gvim, I get:

[pubuntu 10:48 /home/pubuntu] gvim
Xlib: extension "Generic Event Extension" missing on display "".
Xlib: extension "Generic Event Extension" missing on display "".

Then I run less on my Dutch Dictionary and I get this:

aanbeveling (v -en) recommendation; ook: = aanbevelingsbrief, aanbevelingslijst;
<B7>kennis van Frans strekt tot aanbeveling knowledge of French (will be) an advantage;
<B7>het verdient aanbeveling it is to be recommended, it is advisable;
<B7>op aanbeveling van... on the recommendation of...

Why are these characters not displayed ? And why are they displayed correctly when viewed with vim ?

Does this suck or what ?

You don't get this kind of thing with Mac OS X... Or probably Windows for this matter!
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Funny1. Okay, okay! I take it back. Unfuck you.
2. You say I'm a bitch like it's a bad thing?!
3. How many times do I have to flush before you go away?
4. Well this day was a total waste of make-up.
5. Well aren't we a bloody ray of sunshine?
6. Don't bother me, I'm living happily ever after.
7. Do I LOOK like a fucking people person!
8. This isn't an office. It's HELL with fluorescent lighting.
9. I started out with nothing, I still have most of it left.
10. I pretend to work, they pretend to pay me.