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1. Kangaroo Meat is Healthy
Here is something I didn't know! Kangaroo meat is healthy. Australians probably do not like to eat their national emblem or even Skippy but here in Belgium where Kangaroo meat is available in the local supermarkets, it is worth trying to replace some of your red meat consumption by kangaroo ...

2. "Quel est le régime qu'il vous faut?"
This is the second episode of "Quel est le régime qu'il vous faut?" from France 2 Toute Une Histoire. An interesting look into 4 different diets, 3 of which I've followed in the past and know very well. 4 people desperately needing to lose weight are followed by 4 nutritionists ...

3. Dukan Diet Site in English
If you've wanted to follow The Dukan Diet by Dr. Pierre Dukan and you have but your French is not the best and the current resource in English was not enough to get you going, well this could all change soon. The Dukan Diet has a site in English ...

4. Salmon Pasta, tomato based!
One of our favourite recipes! Ingredients: 2 red onions Cloves of garlic, as much as you can handle Small can of tomato paste Milk Corn Flour Can of Salmon Smoked Salmon Tagliatelle or Spaghetti Doing it: Fry onions until they are transparent, don't over cook them Add your finely chopped ...

5. Videos Pierre Dukan
If you're following Dr. Dukan's Diet I have found these videos (in French) If you understand French and you want to see and hear Dr. Dukan answer questions and give hints about his diet, check out this Dailymotion link!