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1. A little bit of paradise in Crete
Sissi is a beautiful village with a wonderful little port on the island of Crete about 40 Km east of Heraklion, right in the heart of Sissi is Porto Sisi Hotel Apartments. Porto Sisi Hotel Apartments is a small complex of 15 or so, 40 sq.m. apartments, just on the ...

2. BMW R1200GS Filling up Fuel Tank woes
If you have an R1200GS you're probably quite annoyed at the time it takes to fill it up and you know you never get a really full tank. If you read this article: You'll find you can change that in ten seconds. I have tried this and it works, ...

Belgian Weather Forecast I know I'm a weather fanatic, as a cyclist and motorcyclist I'm always concerned about the weather and the traffic situation and conditions. One of my colleagues showed me this site last week: This is of the most complete weather information sites I have ever seen! ...

4. Roadcraft from Aerostich
This is still my favourite suit, Roadcraft from Aerostich You can put it on in less than a minute, breathes, lots of pockets, highly recommended! Two pictures, 2002 on the left, 2009 on the right!

5. Menton Here We come!
Thanks for Jilly for Menton Daily Photo , Menton one of my favourite cities in the whole world brought to me one picture at a time every day ! This photo really made me envious and is just what I needed because in two weeks I'll also be walking or ...

6. 100 Best Things to do in Belgium