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  • Alan Smith (540)
    Alan is an Ex Colleague, he is a GREAT guy and a lot of laughs, his site is about travel and telecom amongst other bits of information!
  • Ben Wiki (821)
    ben budts wiki
  • Cecilie Hoffman (424)
    bikes motorbikes cycles bmw hot
  • Christian Olivier Blog (418)
    Christian Olivier Blog
  • Christian Olivier's You Should (1,052)
    Kiwi, or Wiki, by Christian Olivier
  • Frank Mertgen (499)
    Frank Mertgen
  • Gene Au Mexique (388)
    Genevieve gene mexique lefebure genevieve.lefebure
  • Ian Parks (435)
    Ian Parks, an old mate from Australia
  • JMAR & Partners (482)
    Jean-Marie Arnhem
  • La Coquerie (399)
    Cooking studio on vintage ship 1940, Leuven
    WHO ?

    LA COQUERIE. We enjoy people and great food from all over the world. Round the cooking islands and our massive dining table we'd like to bring people closer together.

    WHAT ?

    We create 1001 different occasions for you to be the chef. Our culinary inspiration is coming from all over the world.

    - Cooking lessons or workshops for all: beginners to gastronomers,

    - A team building or team event, maybe combined with a meeting,

    - Cooking with friends, to celebrate a special occasion (see team events),

    - Rent the ship for various events, presentations or roadshows

    WHERE ?

    VITALIS, a river barge anno 1940, the galley and cargo hull have been restored and turned into a state of the art cooking studio.

    Jurgen Inge Wauman