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Friday, January 22 2021 @ 01:11 AM CET

iPhone Jailbreak upgrade madness (1013)

I tried to upgrade my iPhone to 4.2.1 after it was jailbroken by Greenpois0n!

It refused the upgrade and then forced me to restore. I tried to restore and got unknown error 1013. I tried all the tips on the Apple page but nothing helped.

So I booted a notebook into Windows 7 and tried the restore from there.. NOTE: I usually only use Mac OS X and Ubuntu at home.

The restore worked on Windows when it had failed over and over again on Mac OS X.

Go figure ??? I thought I'd post the info here. I will have to re-jailbreak my iPhone but at least it works again.

NOTE: If it happens to you, don't do this, just google the error and you will find a work around! I should have google and I would have saved a lot of time!

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