Does your flight have Wifi?

Monday, November 01 2010 @ 03:04 PM CET

Contributed by: Jerry Rocteur



We need to be connected all the time... even if that time happens to be at 30,000 feet. We're tired of being disappointed the plane we booked tickets for isn't wireless internet equipped and we hope you are too. With your help, we hope to put an end to that feeling by showing which flights are wireless-internet capable -- before buying your next ticket. We do this by asking flyers like you to Tell Us whether or not your last flight was internet capable.

I've not tried it but is sounds like the ticket ;-) 


  While we like to think we're always accurate with our data, carriers are adding more and more wifi equipped flights to their fleet daily. To help us and other users like you we hope you'll use the "You Tell Us" feature to let us know your success on a recent flight. Fly a route where inflight wifi was available? Click Yes. Fly one where it wasn't available? Click No. Your votes will help us constantly keep our data fresh and reflect how we decide if a flight trulyHasWifi.

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