Salmon Pasta, tomato based!

Sunday, September 19 2010 @ 05:25 PM CEST

Contributed by: Jerry Rocteur

One of our favourite recipes!


2 red onions
Cloves of garlic, as much as you can handle
Small can of tomato paste
Corn Flour
Can of Salmon
Smoked Salmon
Tagliatelle or Spaghetti


Doing it:

Fry onions until they are transparent, don't over cook them
Add your finely chopped garlic and your can of salmon mashed
with a fork. Add your tomato concentrate

Follow the pictures here with the recipe and you'll get a better idea:

Mix together and let cook for 3 or 4 minutesDon't overcook or burn or let anything stick
Add some milk and corn flour How much milk and corn flour depends on how much
onion and salmon 
You're trying to make a sauce which is not runny but not hard either, you'll get the feel for it.
You can add cayenne or red pepper or even black pepper if you want it a bit spicy

Don't over do it because it is not intended to be very spicy otherwise you'll lose the
taste of the rest.
Taste and add salt to your liking.
Cook your tagliatelle or spaghetti
Add sauce and spread smoked salmon.

NOTE: It's not saghetti sauce so you don't have to make a huge amount of sauce.

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