The Geek Stuff - Can You Top This? 15 Practical Linux Top Command Examples

Wednesday, January 06 2010 @ 08:48 AM CET

Contributed by: Jerry Rocteur



Thanks to Denis for the tip on top ;-)

This article on top 15 Practicle Linux Top Examples has a few options that I didn't know about and perhaps you as well!

Note that not all of these work on all UNIX system for example Mac OS X will be slightly different!

This article is part of the on-going 15 example series where 15 examples will be provided for a specific command or functionality. In this series, earlier we discussed about find command, crontab examples, grep command, history command, ping command, and wget examples.

In this article, let us review 15 examples for Linux top command that will be helpful for both newbies and experts.

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