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Lose 40 kilos in 5 months - PROTAL Pierre Dukan

Protal Pierre Dukan Those of you who know me and or are my friends on Facebook know that Joelle and I have been following the Protal diet since June 17.

Between the two of us, Joelle and I have lost 60.7 kilos on the diet!

I've not spoken about this before on this site but as I've spent a lot of my time trying to lose weight over the last 30 years I thought I'd just post a bit of information and say that it is possible to lose weight on a diet and feel positive that you can keep off the weight.

Some photos, graphs and more details of my progress in numbers and pictures

I'm not at the stage where I can say I can keep it off because it has only been 5 and a half months  since I started the diet and so I'm still at the Weight LOSS stage but over the next year or so I'll update this site with information on the progress and I will answer any questions if people have them.

First of all I'm not going to repeat what the Protal Diet is here. Many people have done that and a simple Google search will give you all the information you need to get started.

I think that if you are going to follow the diet seriously that you should buy the book however the web has enough resources to get you going if you just want to try it out. The most difficult part is starting and staying at it for a week, once you see the weight fall off it should keep you motivated to keep going. There is a lot of support on the web, especially if you also understand French!

Quick overview

Some resources, this is a non official site in English and this site explains it very much like the book does

How much do you have to lose, how long will it take you ? This is very easy, simply go to Pierre Dukan's site:  this is in French so if you don't understand here goes:

  • Votre Prénom - Your first name, fill in a name
  • Vous êtes Une Femme, a women un homme a man
  • Quel est votre poids actuel?- What is your current weight?
  • Quel poids souhaitez vous Peser?-What would you like to weigh?
  • Avez-vous dejà suivi des regimes pour maigrir?-Have you dieted before ? Aucun non, 1 to 3 or plus?
  • Fill in an email address and click Go

Voila, on the next screen you will have some figures and text, Google translate is great  but point 1 will tell you what weight he thinks you should be and point 2 will tell you more or less when you get there point 3 is to pay him for a program etc if  you're interested.

That's how to get started, but how did we do it, well exactly by NOT eating what he says you can't eat and that is fats and sugar. I also started biking every day, I commute to work most days and so I spend 4 to 6 hours on the bike or at the gym every week. Joelle didn't follow any exercise plan at all.

A lot of people have lost a lot of weight on the Protal and other diets and a lot of those people put the weight right back on. The reason for this is that these people did not follow the stabilisation phase! This is most important and that is what I'll tell you about. I will start on the stabilisation phase the weekend of December 5, Saint-Nicolas weekend ;-)

In the meantime you can read how Doug is doing on Doug on Diet you can follow his weight loss stories, read his recipes.

Doug on Diet,maigrir-vite-le-regime-dukan-un-programme-minceur-a-portee-de-clic,2101,1068413.asp

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